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This series is provided within construction of higher education giving one entail with the circumstances that are provided within construction of building the western canon these notions come from circumstances that are related towards being in New York(the center of the art world in the United States and sharing stronger forms of philosophy and notions of architecture social space relative to critical theory and avant-garde notions of question and answer 

I know this website is completely ass, but I just came came out of going through my archive and it astonishes me but if you don't look back, you might figure out you're in a loop not just the work that I'm making but the shit that I say it doesn't sound like anything has happened. I've been told that this could be a potential art career and itself understanding the positivity that comes within the nature of my being but I'm more intrigued with the answers that not even the best scholars can answer it's not that we're trying to make anything new, but we're just trying to understand how to preserve and relay the information as if the torch. Could be past and say it like could because some of these information chains are within secret to keep the authenticity of the arts real persona to its own ability to be controlled through the manners of whoever plays to understand the dictation of the language in code that one puts themselves through to be a part of something bigger, but often finds that being different just makes you the same. The repetitive question that continues to circle all chains in my art experience is how to properly archive some thing to sustain afterlife and generations. This question comes to be something that only so many can give the answer to if warded such fame and fortune can come easier than problems but while they plant that seed for you to continue to think how you would link on to the next chapter, I often find myself intrigued with the character in the matrix the Mandalorian he was able to surpass his decade and go onto the next just as good, but in the up-and-coming sequel, he's left behind to be nothing but a ravaged homeless, looking man set back to a barbaric time through my research, I have found my own interests of how to relay my information onto the next I provide this grid below, with my own understanding of knowledge that can be passed on, but comes from a perspective of both sides of the Internet, and persona of one's ability to seek out answers 

The total goal is to provide this information in Contacts to my own life's contribution towards research and configuring my own art practice where it past Fitz 

But allow this website to provide in the interest of understanding the sustainability of conserving an archive Azaya platforming from a very reliable source that will probably never cease to to be extinct, I provide files at minimal megabytes, so we can easily be reproduced through sharing services as well as captured through data that is collected online that would further relay one's ability to access these documents simplicity of just the final numbers of a URL can be tied to a chain that constantly is reconfigured which gives me new alternatives for new life when thinking about how people can docs and band radical content, so for this instant, I have gone, both directions looking to provide the links through the clear web and the dark web, allowing one's ability to find the research shared through multiple services not giving one exit, but multiple windows of opportunity to seek out the knowledge that was provided within context of this life 

As time configures to be something more than something, I can explain I do reward you for your accomplishments for getting this far not just reading, but perception of reality for you to configure to be tied to my name is in one's belief to be oven is success to see one's self in the reflection of another human being is an accomplishment and its own to carry the fire (November 28 New York City 2022 started writing at 11:11 just ended at 11:22 ) clearly, awake, trying to configure the spirits that render the city and understanding whose ability is channeling you to continue ones work as often a spiritual revelation that only certain places in the world can provide as the city has so much historical reference. One can only believe that not changing is going to have an effect on the greater good of the society that this city has been built upon. Western media capital banking, world wars, citizenships, etc.. Can't tell to think how someone doesn't find themselves here but more questions how they were so intrigued to even start the journey from home they provide the web below. This website will expire to cease to him, exist on the Internet under his domain name, but live on to be a Google document that is provided through free platforming furthering the the connection between reality in the digital fantasy. I hope this is a understanding of one's ability to confront the answer more than to just allow the world to configure those notions as the series I am in today bottom of the burg has channeled into a greater practice. If public or private flame lives on 










Greetings, ladies and gentlemen, this website is brought to you by Blake Oliva /ALAMO artworks  I have re-designed this website several times as a blank template and found this representation to be the most impactful towards translating information to the viewer. p


lease note  I did not write this in HTtML and this website is  a live document so some features may not be active at certain times

My goal for the site is to I provide all documents at may be needed and to answer any questions that may needs an answer 'information that may be asks of for publications,  biographies and and anything relating towards the arts information surrounding artistic practice and answers to questions to provide me with furthering, the conversation surrounding perspectives, and how they change 

Screen Shot 2022-11-01 at 12.11.36 PM.png

New Collectors is pleased to present Cocoon, a group show by 13 MFA

students from the School of Visual Arts in New York City. The installation

class, taught by the artist, James Clark, will be presenting a diverse range of

mediums installed in unconventional ways throughout the gallery. The

exhibition will open with a reception on Thursday, October 28th, from 6pm to

8pm, and will be on view at 191 Henry Street through Wednesday, November

3, 2021.

"Cocoon emerged as the title for the show as it encapsulated the meanings,

feelings and observations expressed by the class during several discussions.

After an unprecedented global human experience, we find ourselves moving

more cautiously as we get our liberties back. We are encountering each other

in shared spaces once again, but also keep relying on distanca for comfort.

We cocoon in this gallery, we cocoon in our studios and cocoon outside.

Rather than a close-knit group show, each artwork cocoons free from each

other thinking of protection, regeneration, preparation and metamorphosis.

Artworks in the gallery move through the space exploring remaining feelings

of isolation, escape and claustrophobia.

Participating artists include Alamo Artworks, M Sawyer Ballance, Ellen

Carpenter, Helia Chitsazan, Sangho Han, Hwichan Ko (GEKSA), James Jaxxa,

Kostas Lales, Weina Li, Maomi Melody Marissa, Dani Melen, Paulina

Mendoza Valdez, and Se young YIM

About the School of Visual Arts: The School of Visual Arts MFA Fine Art

program reflects the diversity of New York's many art worlds. Together, the

faculty and students form a community of established and emerging artists

from many backgrounds who work across disciplines and modes of practice.

It's main goals are to provide a stimulating and supportive environment in

which students can thrive and develop as artists, to foster rigorous critical

engagement with contemporary art and other cultural forms, and to produce

an ongoing conversation, through work as much as through words, about

what we make, how we make it, and why.

Artists words below 

Throughout my time in the educational system I have understood the relationship between how teachers give opportunities for students to show their responsibility within assignments when overlooking my schedule I provided myself an opportunity by going to a class not registered in in retrospect of the teacher giving the responsibility to the students to decide how the artwork will be determined Lee understood and shown through the space and installation class at a graduate program would be the most profound opportunity for me to showcase my ability to work within the dynamic of the gap well showing up to class every week towards the end of this semester we decided to have a group show putting together a name as well as finding a space that would provide us opportunity to showcase the work I knew this was a grand opportunity from the time of one to intersect themselves into a folklore understanding of the educational system at hand while making the connection to the gallery in person and providing my presence to class we were handed the opportunity to create the space from the are gallery owner. Wasn't till a week before the show that SAM started to realize that I wasn't on the roster on their emails 

This brought question within the community from the understanding of the privilege that we were granted in this space well already making the decision with the curator and going forward we realized that the flyer is attendance and the notion of this show has already been decided well going forward I thought what about another opportunity to showcase another concept of showmanship in New York providing respect to the gap I went forward with providing alcoholic beverages I'll chatting outside of the Gallery during the opening bringing attention to a Space that would be provided after the seal would be broken a conversation of where it starts and ends with also if you a integral understanding of one's ability to see art at hand under the influence while the concept is being provided within me not seeing the art and it's on the right and it's most profound opportunity for the eyes to be seen through my relationship towards provoking interest on emotion from how I see you about how it is I give this documentation through others eyes in that profoundly showcasing a division between IRL and the digital giving one's ability to experience the work from outside with beer and talk further about the surrounding environment being congested or providing a conversation to a more secluded space with reason of the work being shown 

Publicists right up below 

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