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Cover letter/format explanation

Cover letter/format explanation

How does an artist preserve his/her work forever? This is a lingering question in many circles within the art world. One such problem that comes to mind is the vast amount of lost art due to cancellation of subscriptions because of non-payment or the inability to access it. Files may also be canceled or deleted by others, including organizations, when a person, or server, believes that the content is esoteric, or of such a nature that it is of limited appeal, or shouldn’t be shared with others. How the artist proceeds to archive his or her practice for future audiences is dependent upon thoughtful decision-making and the ability to provide meaningful dialogue. Also, how this question is attacked conveys character. I go about solving this problem by creating work that can be stored as low density megabyte files easily accessible through shared links and embedded in hidden HTML on servers. I also create files that have been spread through the clear and dark net, using the tor browser. I am conscientious to not create files that are a burden on hard drive space and targeted for deletion. I also use mainstream mega-search engine applications, such as Google, to avoid cancellation from flagged search words. And, these free web platforms can be easily manipulated through fast flux to avoid cancellation, by cloaking the original hard link to the IP server that is constantly changing. Providing my content on a free platform is crucial. But, likewise, eliminating third-party provider downloads makes it free of viruses, allowing people to surf the links with ease. Another plus is the ability to replicate and provide these files to a larger network,  Alternative stepping stones, and a detour from the mainstream, can transform a practice into a livelihood. The removal of monthly subscriptions may challenge the perception of professionalism, but is a return to a more realistic, sustainable overhead. My conclusion is an alternative domain name. As a URL to multiple Google accounts free data, using the free data to be sourced on a single Google Doc leading to hyperlinks on a Google format that has been fast fluxed and shared through the clear and dark net (see below). 

This alternative has allowed conversations with other individuals to be accepted as a sustainable way of communication within the arts just by asking to “request edit access.”

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